Saturday, 9 March 2013

Craft #2 - Tiny Bow Tutorial

Hi everyone!

Today I'm in a very girly mood. Yes, I know that it's weird of ME to say that, since my blog is practically like a bag of pastel M&Ms that had one big hiccup and ended up spilling all over the place, but let's just say that I'm even girlier than that today (if that's even possible). :D

In order to show you guys and gals just how fabulicious (yes, I seriously did just said that) I'm feeling, I found this brilliant little tutorial that makes me want to go out and buy five yards of sparkly ribbon.

I'm not gonna put any instructions on this post because I think that the pic is descriptive enough, but if you need some extra help then I'll be glad to answer any comments in the section below. :)

Attach this little bow to a birthday card and you'll have everyone at the party begging for you to teach them how to do it. I know that if I saw this, I'd want to know how to make this too.  

Until my next post, 
Lulu <3

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