Saturday, 20 April 2013

Fun things #1: Quiz - What's your Pinterest personality?

Hi again!

So, this is a new feature on; quizzes! I've been wanting to do this for a while, actually, but I couldn't think of what to quiz you all on ;) Well, here you have it... I hope you have fun!

Ready, set.... GO!

1. When you look at your Pinterest page, what kind of things do you see?
     a) Fashion DIYs and beauty tips/tricks
     b) Baking and food recipes
     c) Clever crafting ideas
     d) Educational pins
     e) Steampunk designs

2. What colors seem to catch your eye when browsing quickly?
    a) Bright and bold
    b) Pastels and gingham
    c) Eccentric patterns
    d) Primary colors
    e) Earthy tones and shades

3. Things that you are most likely to pin on your free time are:
    a) Brand-new collection pieces from your favorite designer
    b) The latest cooking or baking tool
    c) DIY everything!
    d) Printout math worksheets
    e) Vintage images of the Industrial Revolution era

4. Your hobbies include:
    a) Shopping and gossiping about fashion
    b) Baking and cooking
    c) Turning pretty much anything into a DIY
    d) Teaching and helping students succeed
    e) Tinkering, collecting and restoring vintage gadgets (especially ones with gears!)

5. Your dream job would be:
    a) Working for a fashion magazine (i.e. Vogue or InStyle)
    b) Being a host for a show on the Food Network
    c) Being the next Martha Stewart
    d) To be a school principal
    e) Being an official restorer of vintage items

6. When you're hungry, you:
    a) Grab a macaron from the most-talked about pastry shop in town
    b) Whip up a batch of yummy cupcakes
    c) Invent a new food
    d) Make yourself a healthy, nutritious snack
    e) Sit down to a meal of aged wine and sugarplum pie

That's all folks! So, if you got....

Mostly A's:
You're a Pinterest Fashionista! You always manage to look gorgeous and be ultra-chic in just about any situation. From day to night, and from the hallways at work today to the runway at the fashion show tonight, you're the girl with the effortless style sense.

Mostly B's:
You're a top-notch bakerina! Everyone knows you as the gal who can serve up the best cupcakes in town, with a generous slice of class to boot. Your head is always filled with new recipes that you pick up from all the hidden corners of Pinterest, and you scour cookbooks for new inspiration to post on your boards!

Mostly C's:
You're a creative crafter! The main things that you'd find on your boards are DIYs and cute bits of inspiration here and there to keep your eccentric creative juices flowing. You're usually very unique personality-wise, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, since it allows you to be a great artist. People turn to you when they need a artist's opinion on something, so keep up the crafty work!

Mostly D's:
You're a terrific teacher! Whether you homeschool your children or are a teacher at a school, your ambitions are aimed directly toward education. This shows quite clearly on your boards, which are plastered with printout worksheets, fun school crafts, and organizing methods in order to keep you sane in the midst of all this. You go, girl!

Mostly E's:
You're a Steampunk Sweetie! Sometimes you think that you were born in the wrong time period because of your love for all things vintage. In your spare time, you browse thrift shops and flea markets for little trinkets that take you way back in history. Everyone knows you as the brains behind all of the things that you love to tinker, and yet among all of this seemingly chaotic schedule, you still find time to crank out the record player and sip tea while listening to some classical music. You're the girl who keeps it old-school!

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