Thursday, 18 July 2013

Bake me #3: Swirled Sugar Cookies!

Hello bakerinas everywhere!

As you probably already know, I love everything that may strike others as childish or over-the-top-whimsical, and I'm proud of that. I mean really, who doesn't feel the urge to squeal with delight every time you see a baby blue sky with white fluffy clouds and a sun that lights up all the colors in the sky, perhaps a rainbow of them? Or maybe a big bowl full of M&Ms, Skittles and Smarties? Or maybe even....

...a dozen swirled sugar cookies with rainbow sprinkles on the edges? Yeah, I think the latter would be the icing on the COOKIE to a day like that! (pun city?)

Anways, head on down to SaltTree to gain the wizardry powers necessary to be able to concoct such fascinating delicacies! Or, you know, just baking them would be fine too, I guess...

Here's the link to these precious cookies:

Have a gorgeous, blue-skies-and-fluffy-white-clouds day! :)

Lulu <3

P.S: Is it just me, or does the "cookie" need to be renamed? They are, after all, baked not cooked. But come to think of it, "bakie" doesn't really have the same ring to it as "cookie" does. Hmmm.... what do you think?

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Fun things #2: Fabric haul + TOP-SECRET DIY!!!

Hi everyone!

I don't know if it's just me, but summer is going by WAYYY too fast. I just checked my calendar yesterday, and I was like "WHAT?! It's mid-July already!?!" But this could also be due to a lack of frequently checking what day it is or what time it is, like I usually do in the non-summer months. Anyways, guess what? I visited my local fabric store recently (notice I said 'recently', because like I said, I lose my usually accurate sense of time in the summer), and I don't know what happened to my self-control, but somehow I ended up buying a ton more fabric than I thought I would!
Striped denim fabric

Neon green 'jogging fleece'

Tiny-floral-print cotton fabric

Satin floral fabric

When I said a ton more fabric, I meant that each one of these lovely threads is about 3 metres long!!! The first image is showing the denim fabric that I bought, which was so hard to keep together that they had to tape it together. Honestly, I don't know if it was the Froot Loops (with its incredible amount of sugar in each serving) I had for breakfast that morning or the semi-annual sale that the store was having that day, but my shopping impulse went haywire on me :P

So, all of this talking (or, should I say, typing) has led us to a final conclusion: which of these fabrics should I use in my upcoming totally top-secret DIY???

You may share your opinions in the comments section below, and very soon I will have a DIY created using one of of the fabrics! So go on, type as fast as you can and post those comments girlies!

Have a fun, fabric-filled day,

Lulu <3