Saturday, 18 May 2013

Craft #5: Kawaii DIY!!!

Hiya girlies!

As you may have noticed, I haven't posted anything in a long time, but I have tons of ideas for DIYs now guessed it...I'm posting one today!!! Yay!!!

The top-secret theme for today IS....... everything Kawaii (pronounced KAH-why)!

For those who don't know what kawaii is (or means), it's both a Japanese word meaning 'cute' and a style. A very, very adorable style. 

Today's DIY has a lot to do with kawaii, as you have probably already assumed, and I promise that you'll love it just as much as you now love kawaii itself.  

So, WFA (without further ado), here it is: A DIY Printed Kawaii Tee Shirt!
***Warning: You may become so obsessed with kawaii that it will haunt your mind day and night.

You will need:
  • Lightly colored or white plain t-shirt
  • Iron-on printable transfer sheets (can be found at most Walmarts or craft stores)
  • Inkjet or laser printer
  • Photo viewing/editing software (such as Picasa)
1. Find a kawaii pic on the Internet. Make sure that there aren't any signatures or brandings on the image, because these will show up on your printout.
2. Save this picture to the "Pictures" or "Downloads" file on your computer. 
3. Open your photo viewing/editing software and click on the picture that you just saved. If there is writing on the image, you are going to want to reverse the image before printing it, or else it will appear to be written backwards on the t-shirt after the transfer.
4. Remove all of the cartridge paper from your printer and then place one sheet of transfer paper inside it, following the directions on the package.
5. Print out your image.
6. Again, following the instructions on the transfer paper package, carefully iron on the image where you would like it to be placed on the shirt, making sure that all wrinkles and dust specks are removed before ironing it on.
7. Let it dry for a bit, and voilĂ ! Your very own, customized kawaii t-shirt is complete!

 -You can also add little extras to the design after it is dry, such as bows, sequins, rhinestones, etc.
 - This makes an awesome gift, so try making one for a friend or family member!
 - If you are using a very stretchy material (such as spandex or Lycra) , make sure that your transfer sheet is stretchable, otherwise the design will be rippled.

Have a fun-filled kawaii day!

Lulu <3

P.S: What's your favorite kawaii cupcake from the image above? :)

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