Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Prom Prep #2: Decisions, Decisions... Prom Dress DIYs!

Hi lovelies!

Finding The Dress. All my fellow prom-obsessed gals out there know what I'm talking about: the indescribable rush you get when you find the perfect dress, the exact one you pictured yourself flaunting on your special night. A.K.A, TOTAL love at first sight. And then you look at the price tag... and watch helplessly as your little daydream breaks into a million pieces.

Fear not, because today's post is all about DIYing that dream dress of yours!

Without further ado, here's my lineup of beautiful, elegant DIY dresses for every personality (and, as always, feel free to modify these DIYs to your liking - that's what's so great about doing it yourself!).

1. The Sassy Sista (P.S: adding rhinestones to this = so gorgeous!)


2. The Retro Maven


3. The Major Fangirl (in case you're wondering, that is indeed a Girl on Fire dress!)

Me twirling in my girl on fire dress


4. The Fairy Tale Princess


5. The Ambitious Nonconformist (Yes, that's a duct tape dress. Cue the gasps.)


Link to the photo:
Link to the tutorial:

6. The Simplistic Siren (try this with lace!)

DIY shift pinafore dress


That's it for the dress tutorials! Hopefully you found a style that suits your vision. Also, don't be afraid of making your own dress: prom is all about expressing your own individuality and having fun with your friends. So, remember, don't let anyone's opinions influence your personal style!

Have an awesome day!

Lulu <3

P.S.: Which of these styles are your favourite?