Monday, 21 October 2013

Craft #14: DIY Halloween Costume Ideas!

Hi everyone!

So today I thought that I'd post a DIY for the first time in a month (can you believe that it's almost the end of October already?!?), because today marks the ten days left until that famed holiday in which children go crazy overeating sugary treats, partying in increasingly expensive costumes, and ringing our doorbells incessantly until the wee hours of the night demanding for said sugary treats. Ah yes, Halloween! My favorite part about the 31st will always be the costumes, no matter how weird, gruesome or freaky. I just think that the creativity and careful consideration of what to pair with what that comes with making your own costume simply deserves a round of applause! To congratulate those awesome kids (and, lets face it, adults) that spend hours every October planning the perfect Halloween costume instead of paying the scarily high prices for a pre-made one, here's a list of my favorite costume DIYs of the season!


5. Bubble Bath costume

Easy: just wear a white minidress, stick a bunch of tiny white balloons to the skirt area, and hot glue a rubber duck to a plain headband. Wear some baby blue heels and voilĂ ! You can even do this in a different context and be the flying house with the balloons from the Disney movie Up.

4. The Morton Salt Girl costume

25 Creative DIY Costumes for Halloween 2013!! #halloween #halloweencostumes #halloweencostume #diy

Wear a yellow pleated dress, white opaque stockings, and yellow flats. Then, take along a can of Morton Salt (empty) and a big, clear umbrella. To really go all out, try wearing a yellow bob wig and paint your lips your exact skin color, outlining them in black eyeliner after that, and thinly lining only the tops of your eyes to complete the look.

3. Any 90's movie character costume

Ace Ventura
Ace Ventura - Pet Detective
16 DIY Costumes Based On Your Favorite '90s Movie Character  


The options here are unlimited. Just go crazy, have fun, and party like it's 1999!

2. Your favorite music artist
Oh So Fun DIY Katy Perry California Gurl Costume
Katy Perry

Superior Lady Gaga costume!
Lady Gaga

Homemade LMFAO Costume
LMFAO guys

Who doesn't want to dress like their favorite artist once in a while? Choose one that is particularly known for the...unique...clothes they wear, like Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, so that the inevitable "who are you dressed as?" will be easier to explain.

1. Cupcake (or anything sweet and sugary) Costume

Cupcake Joy - how to make a cupcake costume | diy costumes | funny costumes | kids costumes

Hehe, I love this one. Any candy or sweet treat would work, like macarons or candy bars, but I have a long-standing crush on all things cupcakes. So visit the below blog and make yourself one before you drool all over your keyboard! 

So now I hope that you girls have an idea as to what you might dress up as for Halloween! If you have a different idea or just want to let me know which costume you liked best, write to me in the comments below!

Wishing you all a fabulously spooky (or cute!) 31st,

-Lulu <3

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