Saturday, 24 August 2013

Craft #13: FOUR Last DIYs for Closet Revamp Week!

Hi everyone!

So I have brought good news and bad news today. Bad news: today is the last day for Closet Revamp Week. Good news: instead of only having one DIY today, I have FOUR for you guys! Sometimes there isn't enough time in one week to do everything you planned one step at a time. :)

So let's start with DIY numero uno:

...and After!!!
 So this one is an overall dress that the talented lady over at Trash To Couture made out of an old pair of jeans. They didn't exactly come with a tutorial, but you can kind of visualize the steps. Cut off the legs of the jeans, then fashion the rest into a skirt, and then make the legs into the top of the skirt. Then add pockets, extra buttons, etc.

DIY number two:

Another DIY backpack tutorial! But can you blame me? It's just so darn cute.

DIY number three:

24 Stylish DIY Clothing Tutorials  OR you could just wipe cat poop on your pants and dance around in your yard.  Equally stylish...  DUGLY!!

This is only one of the 24 fabulous clothing tutorials that are featured on the link below. Go check them out!

And finally, DIY number four: 

Another link! But it's for 44 DIY fashion ideas his time, so get ready to start crafting like crazy!

That's all for now! Stay tuned for more crafting tutorials in the next few weeks, or you can follow me on Pinterest for a daily dose of crafting, baking and fun! (My username is frostygal10)

Have fun crafting!
-Lulu <3

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