Friday, 5 June 2015

Prom Prep #3: The Top 10 Best DIY Prom Accessories!

Hey gals!

After my last post about how to create your very own DIY prom dress, I got around to thinking about how to accessorize that gorgeous dress you spent hours making. Now, as you may have guessed, this was no easy feat; after all, everyone knows that accessories can make or break an outfit.

However, after much searching (which required sifting through TONS of Pins), I now present you with my Top 10 list of DIY prom accessories that will definitely make you (and your outfit) shine!

1. Heart Shoes DIY

DIY: heart flats


2. Sparkly Soles DIY

I will be attempting these DIY sparkly heels asap


P.S.: Some more cute inspiration for this look:

White and Gold Wedding Shoes. Sparkly Glitter Heels. Bride Shoes. Golden Wedding  

3. Bejeweled Heels DIY

Here you learn how to frost the hell outta ur pumps :)


4. Masquerade Mask DIY

Add a masquerade mask. | 23 Ways To Glam Up Your Little Black Dress>>>> oh my gosh!!!! How much fun would this be!!! I love this! Most definitely going to try this!!!!


5. DIY Jeweled Sash (to really jazz up your dress!)

DIY Wedding // How to make a rhinestone bridal sash!


P.S.: Here's a sequined version, if that's more up your alley:


6. DIY Gilded Leaf Headpiece

Oh no.  I kinda like this...  Did you just lose respect for me? Or do you like it, too? I must know.


7. DIY Constellation Hairpiece


8. DIY Statement Sequin Clutch (no-sew and super cheap!)

Repurpose a mesh bag to create a no-sew sequined clutch. | 32 DIY Prom Accessories That Will Make You The Coolest Kid In School


9. DIY Floral Heels (Try this with different flower assortments!)

Kotur Flower Sandal


10. DIY J. Crew Statement Necklace

Diy J Crew Crystal Flower Lattice Statement Necklace

And that's it for the tutorials! Thanks so much to those of you who stuck with me through this magical Prom Prep series, and I wish you all an amazing night of dancing, fun, and memories.

Let me know if you guys want me to do any more series. I've been thinking of doing a summer-themed DIY series, but who knows what might happen...

Anyway, for the time being, enjoy the tutorials and have a wonderful day!

Lulu <3

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